09/08/2017 04:25

ChristianSteven Software

SQL-RD Release 20161006 Now Available

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ChristianSteven Software is proud to announce the release of SQL-RD version 7.3 build 20161006

ADVER_BEGUN_1SQL-RD version 7.3 build 20161006 has been released. A number of enhancements along with software fixes have been included.


Ability to use SSRS Linked reports
Universal Search: Reports living inside of a package will now return the name of the parent package, if applicable
Universal Search: Descriptions of schedules are now included
Snapshots: Can now be sorted by date
Smart Folder: Ability to create a smart folder by RDL name
Audit Trail: Additional logging has been added to the Audit Trail
SSRS Subscriptions: Now shown in alphabetical order when creating a new schedule
SSIS Custom Task: A new execution option has been added called DT Exec

Note: This requires the path for DT Exec to be entered within the System Paths under Options within SQL-RD

Issues Resolved:

Schedule Icons: Editing a disabled schedule will no longer change the icon to appear enabled
Exporting to CSV: When there are more columns of data than column headers an error will no longer cause the schedule to crash
Permissions: Users in a group can now see all schedules created by other users in the same group without an admin user assigning the schedules
Inserts and Constants: Now translate as expected when using in an email destination formatted to HTML

For more information about SQL-RD SSRS Data Driven Automation, please visit https://go.christiansteven.com/ssrs-reports-scheduler-ssrs-reports-automation-sql-rd

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