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01/09/2017 04:02

Softinventive Lab

Total Software Deployment 2.0 Enables Remote Uninstall

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Softinventive Lab updates Total Software Deployment, the company’s remote software deployment and maintenance solution.

The updated network deployment tool adds the ability to remotely uninstall software packages from one or multiple computers. This makes Total Software Deployment a truly universal tool for automating software deployment and maintenance in local networks.
Total Software Deployment 2.0 can automatically build an up-to-date list of software packages installed on network computers by running scheduled scans of the entire network. By determining which software packages are installed on each computer, network administrators take full control over what software is allowed to be installed on their network, which packages must be updated, and which software is not allowed and must be uninstalled. Total Software Deployment 2.0 can remotely uninstall software from network computers using credentials of the domain or local administrators.
Total Software Deployment 2.0 can remotely uninstall software packages it previously deployed as well as software installed locally by end users. This gives network administrators full control over what can and what cannot be installed on their network.
About Total Software Deployment 2.0
Total Software Deployment makes it easy to deploy, maintain and remotely uninstall software packages in large networks. Supporting multiple installation methods and recognizing all popular installers, Total Software Deployment can remotely deploy software of all types including those not supporting silent or remote installation modes at all. MSI-type packages can be uninstalled in this first incarnation of the new module.
Management of the existing infrastructure makes software deployment and uninstallation easy, no matter how many computers there are on the network. Total Software Deployment can build a list of software with its current version number for each computer on the network, which is a must when deciding what software should be uninstalled.
Software inventory management, automatic network scanning, remote unattended uninstallation, concurrent and silent deployment of multiple types of installation packages make Total Software Deployment a clear winner.
Pricing and Availability
Total Software Deployment is immediately available. Pricing starts at $90 per license. Licenses are lifetime and include unlimited free updates and free technical support. Volume discounts are available.

Company website: http://www.softinventive.com/
Product page: http://www.softinventive.com/total-software-deployment/

About Softinventive Lab

Softinventive Lab was founded back in 2006 by a group of young enthusiasts seeking ways to apply their skills and knowledge of the IT world. The company develops solutions for computer network monitoring, network inventory and software asset management, and software deployment in local networks. Software products developed by the company are trusted by NASA, Vodafone, IBM, Siemens, Sony, Disney, and many others.

Softinventive Lab
+1 (888) 447 2266

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