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CADSoftTools presents a new version of CAD DLL

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CADSoftTools has released CAD DLL 12 a new version of the library for developers, who work with DLL technology.

ADVER_BEGUN_1CADSoftTools has released CAD DLL 12 a new version of the library for developers.

CAD DLL 12 is a new version of the library for viewing and conversion of different CAD files including AutoCAD DWG/DXF, HPGL, SVG, CGM and others. CAD DLL is especially essential when you require the drawings to be visualized quickly as speed is one of the main advantages of the library.

Now CAD DLL supports AutoCAD® DWG 2018. This means that applications created with the help of this DLLl will easily import the newest drawings.

Moreover, there are improvements in CAD DLL exporting functions. Now you can export files to DWG and DXF via Windows Metafile technology faster and with better results. Both export speed and quality of the output files have been greatly improved.

Furthermore, we have good news for everyone who creates applications for CNC machines and needs to generate G-code from CAD files. Now using CAD DLL you can add DWG/DXF to G-code conversion feature to your application.

The software is available via the following link https://cadsofttools.com/products/cad-dll/.

About CADSoftTools
CADSoftTools has been specializing in the development of CAD-related software products since 2000. Their products include ready-made applications, libraries for developers, plug-ins for third-party applications and the free online service for managing drawings. Today CADSoftTools has clients all over the world and cooperate with such well-known companies as Samsung, LG, Hitachi and Boeing.

Email: info@cadsofttools.com
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